Monday, July 08, 2002


If there's one thing I face every single day, it's problems. It might take on the form of assignments, projects, family quarrels, or even the weather, but it's always present each day. And it's molded me into who I am today. I think adversity is what makes man who he is now: not religion, not science, not even his *cough* *cough* "superior intellect", but adversity that has made man the upright person he is now.

One thing that bothers me often is boredom. Of course sometimes, you're too busy to think about it. Why? Because I'm often preoccupied doing homework, coping with the trials and tribulations people are giving me, and sometimes, just living out life. Which brings me to my first point. When you're facing all sorts of problems, you're not bored. It's nice to know having problems have their uses.

Another use for adversity is the fact that you learn and grow from it. I mean I've failed numerous subjects, got beaten up by my siblings and classmates, got rejected by friends and crushes, but despite that all, I've managed to survive and become better because of it. I'm now better at socializing with other people, good at evading danger, and manage to pass my courses. Even if I only narrowly escape them.

Let's face it, aside from variety, adversity is the spice of life. Without it, life would be dull and meaningless. Why would philosophers contemplate on the meaning of life? Why would anyone invent the light bulb when a plain campfire would do? Why would anyone improve themselves? If it weren't for problems, we'd probably still be in the stone age right now, huddled together in our dark damp cave without opposable thumbs.

Some people commit suicide just because they're good at everything and find no challenges anymore. That's how important adversity is. I honestly don't want life to be easy. If it was, some things aren't worth striving for. For example, it's one thing to know you acquired an A for a paper you toiled for hours than an A for a paper you just copied off the Internet. The former is a lot more satisfying and fulfilling. The latter is just a desperate attempt to garner the approval of your peers.

When you look at history, the events most remembered are the ones which have the greatest trials. They're well remembered because we rose from the challenge and learned from it. The Middle Ages ended when we advanced our technology and stopped living in the old tradition. America and the Philippines were found by the Westerners in an attempt to find spices. If it weren't for all these problems, we wouldn't be where we are.

The moment we stop encountering challenges is the moment we stop living. Life is unfair. If it wasn't, life would be easy and everyone wouldn't be pushed to their limits. It's only when we go against the odds and conquer our foes that we evolve, mature, and grow.

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