Sunday, February 27, 2005

Shadow Game by Christine Feehand (book review)

I honestly purchased this book by mistake so I was now stuck with this romance novel with a sci-fi twist. Despite the indicators on the cover that it would be otherwise, I hoped against hope that this would be a good read. After all, Feehand did some vampire romance books.

To be honest, Shadow Game was indeed a mistake. It’s shallow and filled with all the tropes and clich├ęs of a romance book, from the insecure heroine who thinks she’s not attractive to the overprotective male who desperate wants the girl. Oh, did I mention that the villains are two-dimensional, and even the sci-fi twist which involves psychics was shallow?

Honestly, it’s not my first time to read a romance novel but this novel is just too formulaic. Even the sex scenes aren’t as enticing as they should be, and there’s not really much else to expense from the novel. Everything is just so predictable and expected, which I think is really the biggest downfall of the book.

In the end, Shadow Game is just your off-the-shelf romance novel with a big name author attached to it. Honestly, it’s not even that good a romance book. But well, if you want formula and prefer to stick to predictable material, this is probably it.

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